Voiceover artist. Narrator.

Male, North American, neutral accent. Resonant, authoritative, calming, clear.

Choosing a voice for your podcast, video, eBook, social media, or narration project means finding a performer who truly complements your audience. I have been using my voice professionally and full-time for almost 30 years. As a keynote speaker, actor, narrator, commercial announcer, video narrator, podcast voice, and university lecturer, I have developed a voice that delivers information with clarity, authority and warmth.

My expertise in the fields of organizational psychology and business technology means I can narrate and conduct interviews through a mic that connect with business audiences the same way that my keynotes and seminars do.

In addition, my decades of experience behind the scenes, as a sound editor, writer, and producer gives me the necessary insights into editing, pacing and production that help ensure your project’s success. I am also very flexible and easy to work with.

Play the file above for a 40 second show promo aired on a recent episode of Cyber Security Headlines.

Play the file above to hear a typical commercial spot (November 2022) on the CISO Series podcast. I did over 200 of these.

Play the file above to hear a recent newscast (December 2022) from Cyber Security Headlines. Hear fresh new ones every Monday and Friday here.

Here’s the most recent episode of CoolTimeLife and here’s the most recent episode of The CloudTweaks podcast.

My undergraduate degree is in media/communications, which gave me highly useful skills in all aspects of media production and through which I was able to work as a professional radio engineer for a mainstream FM radio music station in Montreal. In addition, my constant work as a sound editor and producer (very necessary for podcasts) I am able to produce audio, but more importantly as voice talent, this ensures I am fully familiar with recording, pacing, and production techniques.

One of many national TV appearances. This one is in 2006.
Delivering on-camera standup for CEO-TV, 2009.
Click here for video.
Interview with Canadian HR Reporter magazine, 2010. Click here for video.
Demo reel created in 2011 – 2 minutes.
Click here to watch.
Delivering a TV spot for Canadian bank CIBC – professional shoot, 2013. Shot in one take, from memory – no teleprompter. Click below for audio.
Sample from YouTube video series 2022.
Click here to watch.

A few seconds from a CISOSeries promotional video, October 2022.
Click here to watch.

Delivering one of hundreds of keynotes between 2012 and 2020
This one is in 2018.

Current Projects

Some recent podcast guest appearances:

Digital Marketing Therapy | Episode 167 | August 30, 2022
Wealthability with Tom Wheelwright | Episode 117 | YouTube | August 15, 2022
Enterprise Podcast Network with Eric Dye | Episode | August 12, 2022
Pocket Sized Pep Talks with Rob Jolles | Episode 159 | August 8, 2022
The Self-Employed Life Podcast w/Jeffrey Shaw | Episode 801 | August 5, 2022
The Art of Management | Episode 11: I Hate Your Stupid Meeting | June 20, 2022
The Art of Management | Episode 10: Your Meeting Sucks | June 7, 2022
The Art of Management | Episode 9: King Kong | March 22, 2022


I am also able (and happy to) produce the sound files I record, giving you the option of receiving a completed package to work with. I use Adobe Audition, and produce commercial spots such as the one at the top of this page. I am also able to produce and coordinate live webinars through a range of streaming and webcasting apps, as well as coordinating multi-person conversations for podcasts and other conversational situations, using apps such as Zencastr and Riverside. This service can also include pre-production coaching with guests, assistance with remote mic placement, coordination of the event, and, of course full post production, editing and packaging.

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